OUR NEWEST MODELS, THE CLEANCUT 6000HT4 & 6500DT2 will replace the 6500DT2.

The estimated release date for this Series of the Cleancut Road Saw is February/March 2020.

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Due to the nature of their operation, Concrete Road Saws are a substantial piece of portable plant.  The combination of the design and construction of current machines on the market, gross weight, and operating parameters limit their easy manoeuvrability.  Consequently there is an increased reliance on concrete saw operators to use their physical strength to compensate for this lack of manoeuvrability to ensure the safe and effective operation of the saw. 


“Cleancut’s” ability to think outside the box has led to significant improvements for Concrete Cutting Owners & Operators.

The innovative design and construction of the “Cleancut” Road Saw product range has brought about a significant reduction in manual handling that will lead to an improved level of safety in concrete saw operation. A claim that is substantiated by objective data embodied in the Manual Handling Risk Assessment Report prepared by an independent and appropriately qualified Workplace Health and Safety Professional.  

Workplace safety is an important part of every job tender!  Therefore contracts should be awarded to contractors that demonstrate a capacity to achieve a higher safety standard at a reasonable and competitive price.

“Cleancut’s” competitive price structure coupled with a product range capability to improve workplace safety presents as a viable alternative to existing concrete saws.

"Cleancut" has a number of patents, either pending or granted in many countries around the world to protect its cutting-edge technology.

Cleancut Road Saws will be entirely manufactured in Brisbane.

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