The large walk behind "Cleancut" Road Saws are innovative and very different from other saws on the market. 

"Cleancut" has effectively addressed many Workplace Safety issues including significant improvement in manual handling, airborne exposure, vibration reduction, slurry control, clean up and slipping. 

Workplace safety is an important part of every job tender!  Therefore, contracts should be awarded to contractors that demonstrate a capacity to achieve a higher safety standard at a reasonable and competitive price.

Research and design innovation that has led to the manufacture of the “Cleancut” saw places it at the forefront of change within the concrete cutting industry sector. Innovative design and construction that:

1.   Improves the manoeuvrability of the saw during operation.

2.   Minimise Operator's risk of exposure to personal injury by:

  • Reducing the level of manual handling/effort required to operate the Saw; 

  • Decreasing the risk of slips or trips;

  • Minimising Dusting and associated airborne pollutants;

  • Minimising harm to others and the surrounding environment; &

  • Reducing Vibration.


See attached Cleancut Safety Report to WorkCover. 

 Health & Safety Innovative Improvement Report - March 2019 

Manual Task Risk Assessment - Road Saw

2 Feb 2018