This series of Cleancut Road Saws will be available in three models

  1. The CC6000H4 model powered by a 58.5HP Hatz Tier 4 diesel engine.

  2. The CC6000D2 model powered by a 61HP Deutz Tier 2 diesel engine (This model will replace the 6500DT2 prototype). 

  3. The CC6500H2 model powered by a 65HP Hatz Tier 2 diesel engine.


Construction and testing of the Cleancut 6000HT4 has now been completed.  This model will be sent to Traxx Construction Products in Melbourne by the end of July 2020 (Covid19 restrictions permitting), where consumer demonstrations and sales will be undertaken. 


The CC6000D2 & CC6500H2 models are also available for sale.

These CC6000 series Road Saws are expected to be the best, most usable & affordable saws of their class on the market.

Some of the unique features of this series are:

  • The current length of the Cleancut 6000 series Road Saw is approx. 1300mm from the front of the flange to the back of the saw.

  • Due to its patented lifting mechanism, the centre of gravity of the saw moves vertically when the blade is lifted.  This enables the saw to be built significantly shorter without causing it to overbalance.

  • These Saws take up to a 44" blade with 25mm clearance for turning.

  • They are extremely stable and light to lift even with this larger blade attached.

  • They are 800mm wide at the flanges.

  • They are four (4) Wheel Drive with two (2) additional chain driven idler wheels at the front of the saw making them the only six (6) wheel drive saw on the market;



The features of this road saw are highlighted in more detail on our "Features" pages.